Working @ Blackout

Working @ Blackout

For me, it’s the first time to have my very own team. Sure I worked as CTO before and had my own teams in the past, but it is quite a different feeling when someone else owns the entire company and just orders you to handle the team. I feel like there is much more risk and freedom involved when there is no one like that on top of you.

It is so cool to be part of a young and dynamic team that does amazing work. It’s never getting boring and we all have a lot of fun!
– Lisa Fischer

After the suggestion of Ahmet we started a regular day where each time one of the team members has to cook for the entire team. Since we are 10 people from 7 different countries, it is always exciting what people come up with and what they bring from their culture (literally) to the table. The idea has been a lot of fun so far and brought the team so much closer together. The biggest challenge I encountered during the cooking sessions was to keep day fixed and not get swallowed by the day-to-day business and ending up forgetting the day.

Everyone of my team knows that I appreciate self organization very much, I am not the kind of person who likes to impose too strict rules and giving too detailed tasks. This has proven to be quite a borderline distinctive experience. Some of the team members really resonate with the concept and start developing a hug amount of imagination and putting a lot of effort into finishing what they started. Others seem to be quite lost with this style of working up to a point where they become almost paralyzed by the responsibility to make a step forward on their own. The most interesting part is, that there is no middle ground, either you are super into it or you can’t handle it at all. As you can imagine that was also quite the learning curve for me, to take the time getting to know everyone individually and to design a workspace just for them and their unique likes and dislikes.

This was the team in the beginning of 2018, the hard core, the believers and the newbies rallied together under the banner of artificial intelligence with the mascot of Pepper the robot and it’s unique personality Luna

I am quite curious what the future will bring. I have boldly stated that I want to grow the team at least by 100% til the end of 2018. That will bring a whole other kind of chanter to the company, because we’ll need to move to a bigger office in a different part of the city.