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Our Mission

Use conversational AI to improve quality of life.

Our Approach

Create tools that allow specialists from all fields to share their expertise easily, quickly, and to a larger audience on a one-to-many basis.



Our Story

From my first meeting with the Pepper robot from SoftBank Robotics Europe, it was clear to me that this next generation of humanoid social robots can actually touch people’s everyday lives. I had little doubt in my mind that there would be a wave of such robots flooding the market and integrating themselves into the private lives of humans. 

I wanted to be part of this new age of technology, and I wanted to equip robots like Pepper with sophisticated artificial intelligence to really amaze people.

Ever since, we’ve had the amazing opportunities to work together with international teams and companies that have their own version of that grand vision. Since our partners and clients share so much of a common goal, it is a very pleasant and enjoyable journey for everybody involved.

You may ask yourself, “Why Blackout?” – Blackout represents our playful side. Like the Transformer we are named after, we work with robots and Digital Assistants who can do “more than meets the eye”.

– Marc Fiedler, CEO and Founder of Blackout Technologies

Our Partners