VIVA Tech ’18, Paris

VIVA Tech ’18, Paris

One of my most fun tasks at Blackout Technologies is going to a lot of events, representing Blackout Technologies, acquiring projects, informing about our work, networking. All of that and more, my colleague Ahmet (who was able to join me for this french adventure) and I were able to do at this years Viva Technology fair.

Viva Technology was a foreign entity for me, until a couple days before the actual event. As well as the Pepper Partner Day, which was held on this years Viva at the booth of SoftBank Robotics.

Bigger, better, Viva

In comparison to other fairs, such as last years Cebit, EuroCIS and many more, the Viva was a lot more international. Even companies like Facebook, Google and Microsoft, Amazon and IBM had huge booths. I was also pleasently suprised by the amount of information those big companies offered on their new cognitive Services. Here are a couple things I liked most about the Viva Fair:

  • The food was exceptionally good, like any french cuisine. Although waiting times were gigantic
  • Recycle your plastic bottles. Part of the Micsoroft Booth was a machine which melted your plastic bottles to be recycled as filament for 3D printer. Trash to Art, very nice idea.
  • SoftBank Robotics – The Pepper World 2018 ROCKED