Visit from the Austrian Delegation

Artificial Intelligence made in Bremen

Around about 2 months ago, in August, we were approached by the Austrian Economic Chambers in Berlin. Austria, but especially Upper Austria, are currently working hard on the integration of a strategy for Artificial Intelligence. Therefore Upper Austrian politician Michael Strugl and the Upper Austrian Research GmbH researched EU-wide in which cities they could find the most interesting research facilities and companies using Artificial Intelligence. The goal was to widen their own horizon and connect important researchers and companies with each other.

Their choice fell on Bremen, an uprising star on the A.I.-horizon. Well-known for the endeavors of institutes of the University Bremen, such as the DFKI or the Tzi, Bremen does offer more than meets the eye at first though. Ambitious, young companies are being founded in Bremen and also the already big companies, such as OHB, Siemens or Airbus are putting in an effort to truly change the A.I. market.

So it came, that on the 17.10.2018 the Upper Austrian Delegation visited the Blackout Technologies’ offices.

It was planned that they arrive at 16:30, but thanks to the amazing construction sites all over Bremen, in addition to the rush hour traffic when everybody leaves work, the delegation actually arrived at 16:55 (but they were very polite about it, keeping us up-to-date on their progress, so no hard feelings at all!). But we were prepared, had our big meeting room set up, cake and coffee was ready, Luna and Pluto were set up and ready to greet and entertain our guests.

The team, at that time namely speaking Ahmet, Adrian, Juan and Anton, Marc and I were super excited since the Upper Austrian Research GmbH had invited really cool people  to join them on this trip. With them were several CEOs or VPs from companies or research facilities, professors of their best universities as well as their top politicians.

When our guests arrived, I have to admit, I was stunned. Nearly 20 people that were all super excited to visit us and find out what we are doing. It felt like opening the flood gates. They arrived and were super present, having 100s of questions about the robots, our nexus platform as well as the cognitive services and how we integrate them in Digital Assistants. It was amazing!

We had about one hour full of intense talks and demonstrations, before the delegation had to leave to get to a tour of the town hall and meet our senator for economics, labor and ports, Mr. Martin Günthner.

But, since Marc and I were invited to join the group for dinner in the “Ratskeller Bremen” it was just the first of several hours that day.

At 19:30 Marc and I arrived at the Ratskeller Bremen, a well known restaurant in the city center of Bremen, directly below the town hall. Best known for their wines and hanseatic menu.

For dinner there were even more guests than the companies they visited over the day. So all in all we were about 36 people.

It was a very pleasant visit and an amazing dinner in really great company. We’re very happy we met and are looking forward to meeting some of you in Linz in November, when Marc and I visit the UAR.

Special thanks again to Petra and her colleagues for the very smooth organization of the whole event. You are always welcome to stop by again!