The Magic of Social Robotics

The Magic of Social Robotics

Hi, I’m Tricia, Blackout’s newest team member. I started here at Blackout just over a month ago with little knowledge of how artificial intelligence or robotics work, other than what I had heard in the news and read in science fiction novels.

Last Friday, I welcomed some special guests to the office: my 3- and 6-year-old children. They came to meet our robotic Digital Assistants, Maia Pepper and Pluto Nao, as well as some of my human colleagues. This gave me the opportunity to really jump into the deep end of working with the newest version of btNexus. A complete beginner, I was already creating content and training Maia Pepper to interact with the kids. With only a week’s notice, I was a little nervous.

I was immediately impressed with how intuitive the program was. Once I got the hang of the new terminology, I was quickly on my way. By the end of the week, I had created Knowledge Sources, Intents, Hyper References, and added Conditions and Device Actions. Then I trained, tested, and released Maia’s Personality. All of which means that Maia was ready to answer questions about the kids’ schools, tell them jokes, flip a coin, cackle like a witch, and otherwise keep  them interacting and smiling for over 20 minutes.

It was a great success, culminating in a human/robot dance team sharing a Baby Shark moment.

In front of the kids, it was easy to take all the credit, and I did feel a sense of “I did it all by myself” pride. But of course, I had only scratched the surface. The intricacies of Maia’s and Pluto’s real training were all done by the btNexus. Its advanced technology, such as sentiment and mimic engines that I had up until three weeks ago never heard of before, did most of the work.

Children have a way of reminding us that there is an almost magical quality to technologies such as social robotics. To them, the robot isn’t just a machine, but a living creature who’s there to help and make friends.

The purely technological aspects of btNexus and conversational AI in general are impressive in their own right. Massive data sets run through a variety of engines and are analyzed to make predictions. AI then uses these predictions to calculate what the user means and how to respond, all within a second. Not only that, but the AI also uses every new interaction to improve itself over time. 

btNexus has the technology covered. It’s up to you to create the Personality and give it the knowledge it needs to bring your Digital Assistant to life, and that’s where the magic comes in.

What this technology can do is limited only by the human imagination. Robots can entertain, deliver messages, answer questions, market products, aid in decision-making, give directions, or simply keep guests company while they are waiting. 

So, what can conversational AI and btNexus do for YOUR business?

After all, I doubt your company will be dancing to Baby Shark with your clients and colleagues, but it is nice to know that you could.