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Conversational AI & Robotics Solution

We, Blackout Technologies, offer our extensive research and industrial expertise in Artificial Intelligence and robotics to transform your business. From consulting to implementation, we guide you through every step of the way to find and deliver solutions to your unique challenges.

Conversational AI has such a wide range of applications across all businesses and sectors that it can be hard to know just where to start.
Blackout can help you figure out just how a Digital Assistant and maybe even a robot can benefit your business.
We can then take you step by step through your project’s implementation until your Personality comes to life.

  • Discuss a variety of use cases for internal and public-facing projects
  • Get your AI project up and running quickly
  • Help you purchase a robot from Softbank Robotics and set it up (certified Pepper partner)
  • Teach you how to model knowledge and train your Personality effectively
  • Troubleshoot any eventual issues you encounter
  • Address security and data protection concerns
  • Provide written reports that help you analyze usage and prove ROI

Increase customer satisfaction with our solutions!

Whether it is a Pepper robot greeting your customers in the lobby or your own personalized chatbot greeting new users into your webpage, our solutions guarantee a better and closer interaction with your customers.

Let your Pepper robot be a first point of interaction with your customers. The Pepper can then guide the customer to the person he/she is supposed to talk to, or even entertain the customer while he waits!

For your website, having a Digital Assistant greet new users increases the amount of interactions with the users and answers questions that users might not have found in your website.

Help your customers with a fully automatized support Digital Assistant.

Whether they need basic or specialized support, our Virtual Personalities can assist them anytime, anywhere. Easily model everyday questions and FAQs and save your staff the time and effort it would take to answer them individually.

If your Virtual Personality has trouble finding the answer to a specific question, it will call for human help, and an employee can take over these more complicated tasks. Easy right?

Teach an intelligent robot to be a part of your sales team! 

Pepper robots are a perfect fit for your sales’ needs. The robots not can not only provide information about products, but also give directions on where to find the products and even make recommendations on what to buy depending on the customer’s needs. Robots provide, therefore, a truly personalized and unique experience.