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We work together with robotics companies around the world, mainly with social and service robot producers.

As partner of SoftBank Robotics, we work closely with their Pepper robot. In contrast to other partners, we rely heavily on Artificial Intelligence to drive the behavior of the Pepper robot. With our btNexus, we bring the robot closer to life. We utilize full text transcript for natural dialogues and deep learning for unique behavior training. Our use cases include:


  • Pepper as a talent acquisition assistant
  • Pepper as a shop assistant
  • Pepper in elderly care, as a companion
  • Pepper as a receptionist
  • Pepper for events like fairs, on stage and just as an eye catcher
  • Pepper in health care as a physiotherapy assistant

Same as with Pepper, we utilize strong Artificial Intelligence to make the dialogues with Nao as natural as possible. Nao’s design and small size allows him to be much more flexible than Pepper. Our use cases with Nao include:


  • Nao as a receptionist
  • Nao in health care as an elderly care assistant
  • Nao in health care as a dementia companion
  • Nao for events like fairs, stages and more

Robot use-case examples