The btNexus Portal: Much More than a Login Page

The btNexus Portal: Much More than a Login Page

btNexus Portal is where modelers can access their Instances, and where managers can find everything they need to successfully host btNexus and create powerful AI Digital Assistants. These tools range from simple user creation and management to Docker container-related operations in the btNexus network.

In addition to numerous bug fixes and changes, the latest btNexus Portal comes with 47 cutting-edge features designed to help your Digital Assistant project run more smoothly than ever.

What’s New?

  • host and manage btNexus on-prem even more easily;
  • manage users, their roles in the projects, and their rights to btNexus’s functions and features;
  • use your business’s Azure Active Directory to manage sign up and login (optional);
  • manage your project, portal, and Instance more independently;
  • maintain your btNexus Digital Assistants and project data;
  • monitor and improve system health;
  • customize the portal to your internal or even third-party IT support structures;
  • provide your stakeholders with in-depth project and technical analytics;
  • simplify billing and license management;
  • and so much more…

For more information about how the btNexus Portal can adapt to your enterprise’s needs: