IOTA.KI inspired by Blackout’s A.I.

IOTA.KI inspired by Blackout’s A.I.

Yesterday a small group of the Team went to the Theater Bremen to see the play IOTA.KI.

IOTA.KI is a LIVE ANIMATION CINEMA production, that means the whole play was live animated with several overhead projectors on different canvases. It was a spectacular mix of cinema and theatre. In one moment the stage was occupied by a large canvas, in the next moment actors were running all over it and sometimes there were even multiple canvases.

For someone like me who loves science and technology and the conspiracy theories and dystopias that come with them, the play had everything it needed to give me goosebumps. The whole story revolves around the young astronomy student Anna, who developed the A.I. IOta. IOta is meant to detect extraterrestrial life from the collected data of all telescopes around the world. But IOta didn’t do that instead he discovers a way to bring together humans from different parallel universes. Together with IOta, Anna and two other scientists from different universes realize that they are just living in a Simulation.

It was a nice play but why am I telling you all this? The funny thing about it is, that the whole team of the play came to our office for inspiration and to see how AI is implemented in real applications today. It was a fun evening, where we showed them our little universe. And in return, we saw their little universe yesterday. And we could actually find some similarities to our virtual personalities in the way IOta was speaking. It was exciting to see how we inspired them and we are happy to get some inspiration back to make our virtual personalities even more awesome!

On a casual beer after the play, everyone agreed that the format and the story were fascinating. We are super happy that Denis Pijetlovic sent the actors to us, otherwise we would never have had this awesome experience.

We really enjoyed the evening and hope can inspire more people to do great things in the future!