Create Powerful Digital Assistants: No Prior Knowledge Needed!

Create Powerful Digital Assistants: No Prior Knowledge Needed!

Though it’s tempting to have someone build a chatbot for you, out-of-the-box chatbot solutions can be expensive and the results might not meet your standards. btNexus was designed to include all the engines and features that a productive Digital Assistant needs, but in a way that your Digital Assistant’s knowledge can be trained without programming experience. This allows your teams to showcase the expertise they have in their own subject matter, to give your Digital the best training data easily and conveniently.



Problem: “I don’t have programming resources available, and I don’t want to spend money hiring more IT professionals and developers.”

Solution: Create a Digital Assistant via a user-friendly DIY platform.

btNexus’s user friendly interface lets anyone create a Digital Assistant, saving your project time and money. Your team can take advantage of btNexus’s powerful AI Engines, train basic knowledge, and release the first generation of your personalized Digital Assistant in no time! Then, as they gain experience, they can easily analyze the way that the Digital Assistant is used to make it more powerful and better adapted to users’ needs.

In addition, giving your team the tools they need to train the Digital Assistant themselves allows them to be an integral part of the project. As they see the Digital Assistant grow, they will see how their virtual colleague benefits their workday, taking care of redundant requests and freeing up time for more interesting and higher level tasks.



Problem: “No one knows my end users better than my team.”

Solution: Allow your team to model the Digital Assistant directly!

The people who work most closely with your Digital Assistant should be the ones to create it. They know best how to help your Digital Assistant meet the project goals and provide the best ROI. They know what users are looking for, how users talk, and how best to interact with them to get the desired result.

Allowing a hiring representative to train a Digital Assistant for recruiting provides a better candidate experience, just as having your best representatives train a customer service Digital Assistant gets your customers the care they deserve. Your subject matter experts know what questions to ask, what information to provide, and how to convince the right candidates to apply or maintain customer loyalty.

btNexus allows you to skip the middleman, keeping your team as an integral part of your Digital Assistants interactions.



Problem: “I don’t want to wait for someone else to make changes. I want my Digital Assistant to always be up to date.”

Solution: Make changes on the spot, as often as you want.

New hiring policy? Tax law changed? Website down for maintenance? New product launch? When someone else creates a chatbot for you, the change process can be time consuming, as well as expensive. Each change could mean a budget request, order paperwork, waiting, and turn-around time.

Why wait? Your team can teach your Digital Assistant quickly and easily on the spot and as often as needed. They can access btNexus any time, any where to set up an Intent about a special event today, then take it down as soon as the event is over, as easily as writing an email.



Whether you don’t have programming resources available to you, you’re looking to save time and money, or you want to have most up-to-date information, having your team create your Digital Assistant could be the best solution for your project.

But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. All btNexus Digital Assistants are backed with powerful Artificial Intelligence engines to provide the most accurate results possible.

Introducing btAcademy!

We know what btNexus can do, and we want you to take advantage of everything it offers, regardless of your experience level. That’s why we created btAcademy, a series of short video workshops that guides users through the Digital Assistant modeling process.

With btAcademy, it’s even easier to:

  • Quickly bring a Digital Assistant to life
  • Use advanced features to make it really shine

btAcademy courses are entirely self-paced, free of charge to btNexus users, and accessible from anywhere, so everyone involved in your project can get up to speed on their own schedule. Of course, if your project has special needs, we also offer live workshops and personalized customer support.

For more information, or to start learning today, get in touch!