Coming Soon! btNexus: Curious Columbus

Coming Soon! btNexus: Curious Columbus

Just like Blackout, our btNexus is growing and improving. Our new version of btNexus will be released on April 1st, just 2 short weeks from now. We’re really excited about this, because we’ve been using it internally for a while, and it really makes the modeling process easier and Digital Assistants more powerful. We can’t wait to see all of the ways our clients put this tool to work!

What’s new?

  • Robots and chatbots speak up to 7 languages thanks to automatic translation, with more languages on the way.
  • You can add events that help your users celebrate holidays and adapt to daily or special corporate events.
  • A greater variety of statistics will help you visualize and analyze usage so you get the most out of your user’s experience.

How will btNexus help me get up and running faster?

  • Even more intuitive interface guides you through the process of training, testing, and integration
  • Tools to make it easier to avoid modeling errors
  • Entities and Follow-ups that are easier to view, track, and use
  • Step-by-step user manual and training videos to help anyone become an expert knowledge modeler.

Best of btNexus

Of course btNexus: Curious Columbus also contains all the features of the previous version, allowing current btNexus users to easily transition and continue to create Virtual Personalities for your own customized intelligent Digital Assistant.

  • Anytime-anywhere access
  • Collaborative training to save time and resources
  • Strict web security measures
  • Completely brand-able to your configuration item
  • Needs-based training methods for your Digital Assistant
  • Analytics to foster constant improvement
  • Variety of hosting solutions

Why Curious Columbus?

This is the third version of btNexus. Hard to believe just how much it has grown and changed since its conception in just 2017!

This version is named in honor of Christopher Columbus, who made not just one, but four dangerous journeys across the Atlantic to explore new worlds. Likewise, btNexus offers a whole new world. Each and everyone of you is an explorer, discovering and conquering this new world of AI and Digital Assistants. Be courageous, be confident and btCurious.


A great big thank you to all of the users who’ve given us feedback on previous btNexus versions, and to the testers and bug-hunters who helped us refine the upcoming version. Keep the comments and suggestions coming; we still have some time to refine the details!

Want to get ahead of the game or help us with testing?
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