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Powerful Chatbots

for You or Your Business

Communication surrounds us humans. We are made to communicate, and our survival and success are largely built on the fact that we understand and learn from each other. In a business context this means that I need to get important information from a specialist and be able understand it well enough to succeed in my job. So far this has been a 1:1 connection where one human tells another human what they should know and then this human tells the next one and the next one and the next one, spending time over and over again to pass the message along.

Using Artificial Intelligence we can improve these processes exponentially! Imagine you can train your expert knowledge into a Digital Assistant who can not only help one co-worker at a time, but hundreds or thousands simultaneously! Not only will your colleagues be happier, not having to wait until you are available anymore, but this solution also gives you more time to become an even bigger expert in your field!

We work together with the leaders of cognitive services like IBM and Microsoft to create the most powerful AI-driven dialog engines out there. With btNexus, you can easily model your Digital Assistant for your chatbot.

Using the most powerful deep-learning algorithms with intelligent context memory will allow you to build unique experiences for your customers and coworkers. Deep learning, UIMA, NLP, NLU, Sentiment Analytics, self-correction engines, high-level decision-making engines, and many more techniques combine to create your personalized chatbot solution.

Super Power Your

Customer Service

With modern Artificial Intelligence you can save tons of time and money. Our customers have over 61% increase in productivity after they started employing our chatbot solutions. Forget Copy & Paste, forget answering the same question over and over, forget needing to make manual notes. A.I. is here to help you!

Boost your customer service with Artificial Intelligence! With the customer service bot you can have all general questions answered. If the chatbot ever runs out of knowledge, it can forward your users to human customer service staff, and then learn from the experience to provide much better service the next time. Use the service chatbot:

  • on a support website
  • as a support hotline
  • as a quick help SMS service
  • with existing tools such as Skype, Facebook, and Slack

Our chatbots help with time-consuming searches and manual reminders. You can use them as repositories of knowledge for your employees. Especially in large firms, the overhead of management and rules often leads to confusion and a lot of extra cost in staff that spends time answering the same questions. Not any more: our bots can be trained to answer any kind of question related to you, your product, or your company!

  • “When do I get my paycheck?”
  • “Where can I find Conference Room A?”
  • “I don’t feel well, what should I do?”

Digital Assistants can also complete administrative tasks such as booking flights for a business trip, setting up calendar entries for meetings, sending messages to colleagues, and much more. Unlike Siri, Cortana or the Google Assistant, a btNexus-trained Digital Assistant will be specially tailored just for you and your needs.

  • Use any kind of external API to handle tasks (book flights and restaurants, send emails, etc.)
  • Train your Digital Assistant easily to give it information about you, your work, your needs, and your habits
  • Evolve together as AI allows your Digital Assistant to learn new things and get to know new habits.