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The Blackout Team 2018

We look forward to hearing from you!

If one of our job ads is calling your name, or even if you think you can help us in another capacity, email your CV along with a short cover letter, salary requirements, and potential start date to: jobs(at) . We’ll be in touch as soon as we can.

We know that not all of your skills come from your schooling, or even from working experience. Tell us about all your favorite transferable skills, fields of interest, and areas of expertise.

Your energy and passion will be an important part of integrating into our young dynamic team!

As with all modern teams, we expect you to come with the standard soft skills such as communication, independence, and teamwork. We expect you to work freely with a minimal amount of direction to complete your projects and be flexible enough to help out the team as a whole.

In addition to the amazing Blackout team, we work with a lot of industrial partners. You can expect to work with corporations like IBM, Microsoft and Google.

Although our headquarters is located in northern Germany, we travel across Europe and around the world. If you like traveling, and your position allows you to be on the move, you will have a lot of amazing opportunities to travel for work.

One of our core ideals is to offer our employees their dream job. That might not happen all the time, and maybe not from the beginning on, but with enough time we aim to help you find the perfect position for you.

Our team is very international. The main language in the office is English, and a majority of our customers are German. Depending on your position you might not need German knowledge, but English is required.