btNexus Instance Modelling: Dynamic DaVinci

btNexus Instance Modelling: Dynamic DaVinci

Blackout Technologies is proud to announce the release of Dynamic Da Vinci, the latest version of btNexus. Test cases are seeing great improvements, with easier Digital Assistant modeling and increased end user satisfaction. We’re looking forward to working on new and exciting projects and seeing everything the platform and its Digital Assistants can do!

Powerful AI Engines

  • Embedded deep learning engine makes Intent Recognition more precise and accurate;
  • Additional proprietary AI engines to improve user experience and adapt for multilingual Personalities and users;
  • Customizable AI tools that can identify and respond to users’ sentiment and emotional state
  • Responses that match users’ linguistic style;
  • Instance insights and reports to easily track Digital Assistant performance and usage throughout the project and hone in on KPIs.

More Interactive Digital Assistants

  • Impulse criteria such as time of day or which Integration users are on, allowing for more varied and appropriate responses;
  • New Hyper Reference types to make responses more interesting and visually pleasing;
  • More natural communication flow with conditioned follow-ups;
  • AI to analyze users’ linguistic style and select the most appropriate response.

Faster and Better Project Start

  • Drastically reduced training and testing time, especially for large models
  • Advanced features are more visible and easy for anyone to access

Best of btNexus

Of course btNexus: Dynamic Da Vinci also contains all the features of the previous version, so btNexus users can easily transition to the latest version without losing their favorite features.

  • Anytime-anywhere access
  • Collaborative training to save time and resources
  • Strict web security measures
  • Completely brand-able to your configuration item
  • Needs-based training methods for your Digital Assistant
  • Multi-lingual Digital Assistants and automated translation

Why Dynamic Da Vinci?

This is (already?!?) the fourth version of the btNexus modeling platform.
We named this version btNexus Dynamic Da Vinci in honor of Renaissance Man Leonardo Da Vinci, whose diverse talents, interests, and constant inventiveness are unparalleled. Likewise, btNexus’s flexibility and consistent progress allow our users to truly shine across a wide range of industries and use cases. Be daring, be dedicated and btDynamic.

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