btMarket: the Knowledge Marketplace

btMarket: the Knowledge Marketplace

Imagine you could grow your intelligence simply by transferring someone else’s knowledge and skills directly into your brain. That’s still science fiction for you, but the all-new btMarket makes it a reality for your Digital Assistant.

Save Time Modeling

  • Start with solid, pre-tested User Phrasings and Intents, then customize responses to fit your company and your use case.
  • Easily increase the small-talk knowledge that users expect.
  • Keep your Digital Assistant up to date with special and seasonal offers.
  • Purchase advanced content to make your Digital Assistant perform better.

Do More (Without Programming)

  • Hooks to increase a Personality’s knowledge and help users perform tasks.
    • Get live information
    • Access large databases
    • Fill out forms
  • Cutting-edge Integrations so your Personality can interact with users in new and exciting ways.
    • Create an omni-channel experience.
    • Add a voice Integration.
    • Try something different, like augmented reality or a social robot.
    • Integrate into your favorite smart home device.
  • Knowledge from experts in a variety of fields.
    • Human Resources, IT, customer service, and more
    • Industry-specific content
    • Current events



Greater Scalability

  • Create your own private cluster where you can safely share and sell to a limited audience.
  • Easily share Knowledge Sources, Hooks, and Integrations between projects within your company and beyond.

Partnership Opportunities

  • Blackout will be working with a number of commercial and independent partners who can provide and sell content via btMarket.
  • Any btNexus user or developer can share and sell Knowledge Sources, Hooks, and Integrations they develop, as long as they are of high quality.



Want to know more about how btMarket can grow your Digital Assistant?