Blackout Website Relaunch

Blackout Website Relaunch

It finally happened, the Relaunch is real

It’s been quite the fascinating and exciting journey. Since the registration of Blackout Technologies, when the first website was created the team and our products evolved and changed so much that almost nothing is the same. We still do sentient personalities for social robots but that is about it – everything else has changed.

The team grew to almost 10 with a whole bunch of diversity in it from all corners of the world. The Products evolved from being a single personality per robot to a hive mind controlled intelligent network that can be deployed on every device that has an internet connection. We gained so much valuable experience in the field thanks to our amazing customers and partners. To me, it almost feels like a new company.

We also had quite the change in leadership. One of the original founders Gheorghe Lisca left the company right after the first mayor success which – again – triggered so many changes within the workflow and the team dynamic. It was almost impossible to keep the website up to date with the amount of changes that Blackout lived through. But now with a new flag ship product the Nexus we are ready to enter the general public and let them know what amazing and wondrous things we have been cooking behind the old facade.

Let us know what you think, leave us some comments below or on social media. We’ll keep changing, improving and we’ll keep evolving – together with you, our amazing customers, partners and friends