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Our NexusUi is the interface with which people train their Personalities/Digital Assistants/Chatbots. With the NexusUi, we enable our customers to train knowledge for their specific needs. This platform is really easy to use and does NOT require programming skills, so anyone can use it!

Thanks to the btNexus web platform, you can work on your robots, chatbots and other Digital Assistants easily, even if you’re on the road.


  • Strict web security measures
  • Access with personalized account
  • Desktop and Mobile compatible
  • Completely brand-able to your configuration item
  • Analytics about customer behaviors and satisfaction
  • Different ways to train your Digital Assistant, suited to your needs

The NexusUi offers different analytics that you can use to better improve the chatbot knowledge with your personal needs. The analytics section includes:


  • Moods
  • Gender
  • Age Estimation
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Trends

To ensure that the specialized knowledge that you or your employees/colleagues possess can be fully leveraged, we developed an interface that is usable for anyone!


  • Train specialized knowledge
  • Make a Digital Assistant that fully integrates in your CI
  • Access and make quick adjustments on your own
  • Don’t wait for external customer service or slow feature requests

The NexusUi is fully scalable, whatever project you have in mind and whatever additional hard- or software you want to integrate.


  • Unlimited amount of Knowledge Sources, Intents, and Entities
  • Unlimited amount of chatbots/Digital Assistants
  • Usable for a vast variety of languages
  • Capable of integrating pre-existing chatbots

Enterprise and other customers sometimes have special needs in respect to hosting and security issues. We take privacy and security issues very seriously and offer:


  • On-premise solutions
  • Off-premise solutions
  • On-premise cloud solutions
  • Off-premise cloud solutions
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Our Products

Pick Your Packet


  • Create your own smart robot personalities
  • Dive into the robotics′ world
  • Easy and understandable
  • The sky is the limit
Community Edition


  • Blackout-hosted
  • B2C
  • FAQs and Forum
  • Blackout CI
Pro Edition


  • Blackout-hosted
  • B2B SMEs
  • Blackout CI
  • Integrate Personality to platforms and robots
Pro + Edition


  • Blackout-hosted
  • B2B SMEs
  • Integrate Personalities to platforms and robots
  • Train in groups
Research Edition


  • Self-hosted
  • University Research and Projects
  • Create private projects and research analysis
  • Blackout CI
Enterprise Edition


  • Self-hosted
  • Large Enterprises
  • Workshops and support
  • Customer CI