Welcome to the Age of Conversational AI & Robotics

Conversational AI uses chats and speech in platforms such as messaging apps, websites, and even robots to automate communication and have a closer, more personalized experience with the user. For businesses, conversational AI not only reaches a bigger audience, but also increases customer satisfaction and reduces costs and monotonous tasks. 


Social Robots or Assisting Robots can reach their maximum potential by leveraging Artificial Intelligence! Sentient, learning Personalities for robots can improve efficiency and increase customer satisfaction. Additionally, robots assist you with monotonous tasks and never get tired!


Getting important information to the people who need it is not just a task for emails or support hotlines. Humans understand information best if it is in their everyday speech. So called Natural Language can be leveraged in intelligent Chatbot Solutions.

Smart Home

Digital Assistants are not just Siri or Cortana. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence you can build your own personalized Digital Assistant which gets to know you and supports your needs. Your Digital Assistant can then accompany you throughout your day, on your phone, PC, or in your Smart Home.

Dashboard and Analytics for btNexus Curious Columbus, April 2019


btNexus: The Complete Digital Assistant Network Training Solution

  1. We provide you with the back-end tools your Digital Assistant needs to understand and communicate effectively.
  2. You can select from a wide variety of ready-made content to train your assistant for everyday conversations.
  3. A unique user interface lets you input the knowledge your Virtual Personality needs to reach your business’s objectives.
  4. From there, it only takes a few clicks to integrate your Personality into a number of devices and platforms.
  5. See how users interact with your Digital Assistant and take advantage of time saved to work on more important tasks.

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