Sentient digital assistants

Powered by state of the art artificial intelligence, we create sentient virtual personalities for robots and chatbots

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Enterprise grade artificial intelligence

We build large scale artificial intelligence products that are based on state of the art technology

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Social robots for your business

Utilize the power of our social robots for events, fairs, lobbies and more to drive up customer satisfaction and lower personel cost!

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Digital Assistant Systems

Choose your digital assistent system from one of many use-cases



Intelligent, learning and truly helpful social robots that bring value to your business.



Natural dialogs for your business, to support your employees and customers.


Smart Home

Make intelligent assistants available either inhouse for your employees or for your endcustomers.

Nexus UI

Train your own intelligent digital assistant!

A digital assistant does not nessesarily need to be a robot. We all know 'Jarvis' the intellitent assistant from Iron Man. There are many ways you can integrate a digital assistant into your business. You could have a digital assistant setup to answer your phone, reply to your emails, react to SMS chat with your customers and many many more. Check out our products to give you a better Idea on what is possible with artificial intelligence.

Here at Blackout Technologies we developed technology that makes it extremely easy to design, train, and deploy your own digital assistant with as many interfaces as you want. We call that invention the Nexus UI, with it we help enterprises massively increase quality of life for their employees and therefore improve team dynamic which in turn results in a much higher revenue.

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